Software and Resources


The optimisation group has contributed to a range of software. Here we present links to tools that members of the Optimization group have either developed, or made significant constributions to.

Modelling for Optimisation

  • MiniZinc: A solver-independent modelling language for optimisation problems
  • Globalizer: Semi-automatic assistance in improving MiniZinc models (now integrated into the MiniZinc distribution)
  • FindMUS: Diagnosis tool for identifying infeasible parts of optimisation models (also integrated in the MiniZinc distribution)

Constraint Programming Solvers

  • Gecode: A constraint-programming solver
  • Chuffed: A constraint programming solver based on lazy clause generation
  • geas: Another experimental constraint programming solver using lazy clause generation techniques


  • Warthog: A flexible library of single- and multi-agent pathfinding algorithms
  • LazyCBS: A multi-agent pathfinding solver, built on top of geas
  • BCP for MAPF: A solver for multi-agent pathfinding problems, using a branch-and-cut-and-price algorithm


  • Laboratory of Computational Biology: Collects software for searching and predicting secondary and tertiary protein structures, including:
    • Mustang: a tool for multiple-protein structure alignment
    • Proçodic: a database of protein secondary structures
    • MMLigner: a tool using statistical methods to predict 3D protein structure alignments
    • seqMMLigner: a successor to MMLigner, for predicting alignments of protein sequences


Association for Constraint Programming

The Association for Constraint Programming is the community body for practitioners, researchers and educators in constraint programming.


The MiniZinc modelling language is at the core of our optimisation technology.

A collection of resources for the multi-agent pathfinding problem and variants. Collates links to software, benchmarks, publications and researchers.