Delvin Varghese, Joshua Seguin, Meriem Tebourbi, Tom Bartindale and Professor Patrick Olivier

Award category: Community

'Social media playbook’ was a project that aimed to work with Victorian organisations to digitally engage young people and personnel in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

The initiative worked with five Victorian organisations:

  1. Migrante (Filipino community)
  2. Australian Karen Organisation [AKO] (Karen ethnic group from Myanmar)
  3. Center for Multicultural Youth (engaged with the Maori-Pasifika community)
  4. YLab (supporting migrant youth associates from Vietnamese and Sudanese backgrounds)
  5. Huddle (working with schools in the western Melbourne to help youth from marginalised backgrounds).

Many of these groups face challenges around inclusion in mainstream research and institutional support.

To address this, the team engaged community members within key stages of this project. They adopted a more flexible Research through Design approach, enabling them to reduce invasive practices such as post-deployment interviews with young people (difficult due to low levels of engagement with mainstream institutional services) and instead rely on the strong partnerships with cultural insiders (members of collaborator organisations who also hail from CALD communities).