Dr Amin Sakzad

Award category: Environment and Culture

Amin is well-known as an active supporter of equity, diversity and inclusion practices in the Faculty of IT and Monash more widely. He is one of our five mental health first aiders, having undergone three extensive workshops to undertake this important position.

Not only has he used his skills to help a number of people address their mental health challenges, but Amin also is proactively improving his ability to support others as well as the working culture and environment in the faculty.

Amin has also played a significant role in improving access to, and awareness of, programming contests. He ensures promotions are more inclusive, organises prizes specifically for underrepresented groups and heavily consults with diverse cohorts during planning.

In 2021, he co-led the FHIR Starters Digital Health Competition which saw a very diverse contestant pool (200+ enrolments with around 75 women and four who did not specify their gender). It was also open to students around the world and healthcare employees.

As an academic, Amin's awareness and personal rules also guide the selection of tutors for his units, FIT9137 and FIT3168/FIT5223. Firmly believing in equity, his teaching team must have at least 50% women tutors. This practice requires Amin to constantly introduce new tutors and train them accordingly, rather than simply relying on fixed-experienced tutors.