Phillip Abramson

Award category: Education

Aware of equity, diversity and inclusion issues within the teaching environment, Phil approached the Respectful Communities team with ideas on how we can build understanding and challenge biases to enable sessional staff to support their peers and our students.

Together they developed a prototype program designed to drive cultural change. It has run at least three times with 50 staff in each intake, and has garnered interest from other faculties.

Two sessions have been for new staff and one for senior and experienced staff such as Head Tutors and Lecturers, with more planned.

Phil credits the success and impact of the program to the environment within his team, Flexible Learning and EXperience (FLEX). They’re given the autonomy to work on issues within a sphere of influence.

A good combination of idealistic and realistic, Phil is constantly looking for ways to make our workplace more inclusive – adopting a collegial, pragmatic and sustainable approach.