‘The Hard Truths’ - Navigating the Graduate / Internship Recruitment Journey

‘The Hard Truths’ - Navigating the Graduate / Internship Recruitment Journey

Friday, 23 July 2021
2 pm - 3 pm (AEST)

Join the experts from Readygrad for an exclusive session on the Hard Truths of graduate recruitment.

Starting your career journey can be daunting but there are steps you can take while you're at university to develop your employability skills and increase your chances of landing that coveted graduate or intern position.

So what is employability and why is it important to your university journey?

This session will give you tips on and insight into:

  • navigating your own employability journey.
  • the importance of having a ‘breadth of experience’ in your skill set, motivations and passions – and why this is important to employers
  • the key stages of a common, best-practice graduate recruitment process, and
  • an overview, insights, hints and tips on how and why employers use the stages in recruitment processes.
Current students

Event contacts

Nicole Frankel

Student Engagement and Employability Manager E: fit-studentengagement@monash.edu

Natasha Gates

Student Engagement and Employability Program Manager E: fit-studentengagement@monash.edu

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