Women in Technology Alumni Mentoring Program - Celebration Event

Women in Technology Alumni Mentoring Program - Celebration Event

Online Face-to-face
Tuesday, 18 May 2021
7 pm - 9 pm (AEST)

At the end of the program, our mentors and mentees gather to celebrate their progress, share their experiences and reflect on their journeys. We also award certificates to participants who successfully complete the program.

Women in Technology (WIT) Alumni Mentoring program

The Women in Technology (WIT) Alumni Mentoring program aims to boost the involvement, retention and success of women and non-binary students in IT. Driven by our mission ‘IT for Social Good’, it’s our responsibility to champion gender equity and give everyone an equal chance of success.

Paired with accomplished alumni in industry, the program helps students expand their networks, gain critical insights into the field, grow professionally, and get a headstart on their careers. It’s also a great opportunity for participating professionals to hone their leadership skills and empower the next generation of IT experts.

The WIT Alumni Mentoring program is returning for the third year in 2021. The program will run twice - March to May (semester one) and again from August to October (semester two). See key application and event dates below.

The program is delivered both virtually and in-person, based on relevant restrictions. For March to May, the initial events will be held virtually with the remainder planned for delivery in-person observing all capacity limits, social distancing requirements and hygiene practices.

How can I be involved in the Women in Technology (WIT) Alumni Mentoring program?

Please register to provide your expression of interest.

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Event contact

Chloe Love

Alumni Relations Manager

E: Chloe.Love@monash.edu

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