Business computing

Businesses heavily rely on information technology everyday. IT hugely contributes to the success of organisations, industries and government in many different ways.

IT also plays a big part in our personal lives, socially and recreationally, with worldwide demand for professionals who can design, develop and implement computer-based systems for both the home and office.

Professionals who can coordinate and manage IT solutions in the workplace are highly sought after. From planning resources to housing important data, professionals apply IT techniques to address problems, improve systems, and overall, make business much more efficient.

Studies in the area of business computing lead to dynamic careers in business IT. Our courses have been developed with industry partners – so you can be sure you'll be equipped with the most up-to-date IT skills when you graduate.

Our degrees in business information systems and IT produce work-ready graduates who are confident, articulate, computer literate, and attuned to the needs, methods and attitudes of business.

Course content covers a broad range of topics, and teaches you skills in:

  • Computer and web programming
  • Information and enterprise systems and data management
  • Business and web-based e-commerce
  • Business analysis
  • Problem solving and decision-making.

We give you the opportunity to explore all aspects of IT and its uses, but with a focus on IT applications. Studies range from non-technical units (such as the organisational needs for IT), through to detailing hardware, software, network and multimedia technologies.

You may study business computing as a specialisation. Core units include web programming and e-commerce, business decision modelling, data mining and information systems management.

Relevant undergraduate courses:

Relevant postgraduate courses: