Network computing

Our world runs on networks. We use the phone and the internet every day. But behind these, complex computer networks are at play – and their technology is constantly evolving.

At Monash we know this. We understand that software designers with a systematic knowledge of network centered computing are highly sought after. That's why our degrees offer specializations in Networking and Net-centric Computing.

Our program gives our students a solid foundation in information and communication technology. We give our graduates the skills they need to adapt and be ready for change. The focus on networks and computing makes them widely employable now and into the future.

Our graduates are highly regarded specialists, working in a variety of areas:

  • Government
  • Health and education
  • Banking and finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail.

Specialists are in high demand in fields of:

  • network applications (including web applications)
  • mobile computing
  • internet computing
  • network technology implementation and management.

Relevant undergraduate courses:

Relevant postgraduate courses: