Software development

Computers play a huge part in our daily lives. We use them to communicate, pay bills, shop online, play games, and discover news. Computers control devices in our homes, offices and factories, and underpin scientific developments such as the Human Genome Project and sending robots to Mars.

Software engineering integrates all the skills and knowledge needed to systematically build these large software systems we use everyday. It is a young, exciting discipline that evolves as IT grows. Addressing important information processing challenges, our courses explore the design, construction, engineering, and maintenance of large, complex software systems.

Software developers and engineers are good problem solvers and have vast knowledge across IT, computer science, engineering and maths. They are able to combine their skills with an excellent grounding in the foundations of IT, and mix theory and to create software that is reliable and efficient on real machines.

Software developers and software engineers are always high in demand, as complex IT systems are too complicated for a single person to produce. This means that teams of people have to work together to create the sophisticated systems we use everyday. Common responsibilities include project management, quality control and testing.

In addition to technical knowledge about computing systems, you'll learn skills like:

  • problem solving to meet various constraints such as cost, time and risk management
  • working with clients to design suitable software solutions for their business.

Relevant undergraduate courses:

Relevant postgraduate courses: