Why study IT?


Take a look around. IT is everywhere. And every day, it changes the world. By studying IT at Monash – you can help drive that daily transformation. We have the only fully-fledged IT faculty out of any Group of Eight university in Australia. That’s the full breadth of IT, and a whole lot of choice, in just one place.

IT – what’s not to love?

At Monash, we get IT, we love it – and we want you to love it, too. Technology underpins our lives. It’s in the alarm that woke you up this morning, the commute that got you to school or work, and the food on your table. It’s ingrained in every industry, from education through to engineering  and  entertainment.  It helps remote communities conserve vital resources, creates more effective medicines, and keeps us safe. It allows us to form networks right around the planet and far into space.

Behind every IT application that we have, and all those yet to come, are clever, creative people. IT people. And by studying IT, you could become the expert who designs and creates the systems we all rely on.

We’ve got IT covered

Our comprehensive, dedicated approach to IT means you get plenty of choice and flexibility. We cover every major area of IT – artificial intelligence, data systems and security, computer software, computational sciences, information systems, mobile and cloud computing, information and knowledge  management.  And  you can blend your IT studies with other disciplines that you might love just as much – like arts, commerce, design, or environmental studies.

Our teaching staff feature experts in each major field of IT, which means you get to learn from people who live it, breathe it, and have actually done it.

Why study ITDon’t just study it – do it

Studying IT is only part of your IT journey. One day, you want to actually be doing it, right? So why wait? Our IT courses emphasise ‘learning by doing’ – from industry-based learning (IBL) programs that give you professional and business experience, through to team-based, industry  experience studio projects developing IT systems for business clients.

These programs give you real-world experience of IT in action, as well as exposure to industries and employers. And it pays dividends – each year, 100% of our IBL students who seek employment receive graduate job offers.

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Study that fits your life

OK, so you know you want to study IT, but how exactly will that look for you? Everyone’s different, and life is hectic. So when it comes to how and where you study, we keep it flexible. If you’re going to love what you do (and we really want you to), it needs to fit with the rest of your  life.  Depending  on your degree choice, we offer several different options:

  • on-campus study as well as off-campus learning
  • full-time and part-time study
  • evening classes
  • start in March or July intakes
  • summer semester classes
  • study abroad opportunities.

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Your pathway to a career in IT

The demand for skilled IT industry professionals across Australia and overseas is huge. That also means it’s highly competitive. Every one of our IT undergraduate courses is accredited with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) – the professional association of the information and communications  technology industry in Australia. And many of our postgraduate courses are accredited with  ACS,  ALIA, RIMPA and ASA.

And so as an IT graduate from Monash, you’ve automatically got a recognised edge in the job market, not just in Australia, but around the world. In fact, that’s exactly where you’ll find Monash IT graduates – working in all facets of IT, like:

  • software engineering
  • applications development
  • systems analysis
  • computer programming
  • systems design
  • engineering and business analysis.

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