Artificial Intelligence: Perspectives on F.A.T.E in AI

Artificial Intelligence: Perspectives on F.A.T.E in AI

Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics for a more equitable future

AI is becoming increasingly advanced at mining information sources, interpreting meaning and making predictions. Already ingrained in our daily lives, AI has an impact on how our economies work, how we make decisions and how we communicate with each other.

In partnership with C-Suite Exchange, Monash Faculty of Information Technology was proud to sponsor the KPMG Women Ambassadors Luncheon, initiating an important dialogue between key AI representatives across government and industry.

A panel of distinguished women at C-Suite Exchange's Women Ambassadors Luncheon series

The discussion between panellists explored the relevance of FATE in AI; fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics, as well as the progression to develop AI for the common good.

Professor Sarah Pink, Director of the Emerging Technologies Lab, represented our faculty within the cross-section of expertise on the panel and the active participation by the audience made for a high-level and significant discussion around questions of ethics in AI.

Rather than looking at how AI will shape our societies, as an anthropologist, Sarah Pink explored the notion that we as humans need to shape AI. Our faculty research into Explainable AI seeks to provide greater transparency into how algorithms make decisions and integrate human values into software to reduce biases in social code.

As one of the largest AI and Data Science groups in the Asia Pacific, we look to AI to drive positive change for a more equitable future and will continue our research, education and collaboration with academics, government and industry.

Read the C-Suite Exchange issues paper (PDF, 1.46 MB)