Past initiatives

A history of impact and innovation

Our current projects are underpinned by a long history of impactful projects and discoveries.


PROTIC was initiated to start addressing women's economic empowerment in agriculture for resilience. The project contributed to the knowledge management requirement of Oxfam’s ‘Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Change Adaptation, Leadership and Learning Program’. This initiative considers economic development, women’s transformative leadership, rights and governance, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

Trust and Technology: Building an Archival System for Indigenous Oral Memory

An Australian Research Council Linkage project, this project focused on enabling Koorie communities to archive oral memory – and engage with existing government and institutional archives on their terms.

Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project

This initiative aimed to develop a prototype to demonstrate how to overcome major barriers to implementing recordkeeping and resource discovery metadata standards, particularly in eGovernment. The project explored how to move away from the current resource-intensive process of manual metadata attribution and stand-alone systems – and move towards an integrated suite of business systems and processes that support recordkeeping functions.

Koorie Archiving System (KAS)

The Koorie Archiving System (KAS) Project will create a shared, collaborative archival space to bring together and make accessible records relating to Koorie communities and individuals, including written records, oral testimony, photographs, audio and video recordings from government, community and personal sources.

Enhancing and supporting deliberations within multidisciplinary decision teams

This project recorded and analysed the knowledge sharing and decision-making process by medical teams and other healthcare professionals during the hospital ward round. These insights have helped to influence new guidelines, tools and technologies for understanding how to better support medical professionals.

Managing Research Data: Report on Information Management in Aeronautic Research

This was the first project in an ongoing collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). This initiative identified the role and importance of robust information management to ensure sustainability for the corporate knowledge of the Flight Systems Branch of DSTO beyond the efforts of dedicated individuals.

Connecting the Disconnected: Designing Socially Inclusive, Integrated, Archival and Recordkeeping systems and Services

To aid fundamental reform, this project focuses on re-thinking how recordkeeping and archival systems are designed – not just for whom, but also by whom.

Learning to Walk the Talk: Analysing Information Culture Phase 2

The goal of this project was to help archivists understand and apply the key concept of ‘information culture’ as part of next-generation recordkeeping practice. Information culture refers to the information management-specific settings of organisational cultures, namely the values and attitudes accorded to information within specific organisational contexts.