Enhancing and supporting deliberations within multidisciplinary decision teams

Understanding the reasoning processes behind medical decision-making in the context of multidisciplinary teams.

Research activities

An important problem for healthcare teams is understanding how individuals within the team share knowledge and make decisions regarding patient care and treatment. These processes for decision-making are rarely studied in detail or recorded systematically in the context of multidisciplinary medical teams.

Studying decision-making processes is essential for developing new knowledge which can influence guidelines, tools and technology for understanding how to better support medical teams in the future.

This Australian Research Council-funded Discovery Project brings together a team of interdisciplinary researchers from Monash University, Wimmera Healthcare Group, Federation University Australia, Deakin University and The University of Auckland.

The project began with an exploratory study to understand the reasoning processes within medical teams in ward rounds and Multidisciplinary Decision-making (MDM) meetings for cancer patients. The project supported a PhD candidate (thesis completed in 2019) to model the process and mechanisms of clinical reasoning during ward rounds.


Completed PhD theses

Perversi, Paul (2019 ) “Collaborative Group Reasoning in Ward Rounds: A Critical Realist Case Study’, School of Information Technology, Deakin University.


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