Managing Research Data: Report on Information Management in Aeronautic Research

The project formally identified the role and importance of robust information management to ensure sustainability for the corporate knowledge of the Flight Systems Branch (FSB) of DSTO beyond the efforts of dedicated individuals.

Research activities

This is the first project of an on-going research collaboration on information and knowledge management between the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and COSI. The project focused on developing a flexible framework for FSB to address their informational requirements in the context of a changing business model of aircraft platform ownership. The framework addresses the increasing complexity, volume and format specific nature of the data supporting the work of the FSB. The framework was designed to support ongoing localised support for the creation and processing of large data sets and key equipment data, such as wind tunnel studies, within the broader DSTO/Defence infrastructure. This localisation was required to ensure the integrity of the data that supports the quality and authoritative nature of research reports that are the basis of the international reputation of FSB.


Information management in aeronautic research: Report to Flight System Branch, AD, DSTO

The report identifies requirements of FSB, identifies gaps in information management infrastructure and recommends information management models orienting thinking and actions to embed sustainable management of information into FSB’s work.

Evans, J., Reed, B., Linger, H., Goss, S., Holmes, D., Drobik, J., Woodyat, B. & Henbest, S. (2014). Winds of change: A recordkeeping informatics approach to information management needs in data-driven research environments. Records Management Journal , 24(3), pp205-223.