Koorie Archiving: Trust and Technology - Final report

This is the final report for the ARC funded 'Trust and Technology: building an archival system for Indigenous oral memory' project (T&T Project).

As this report consists of recommendations for further actions in particular areas, we have decided to this report as a living document were we can make additions as we progress, and/or in response to feedback from you.

A Note on Terminology

Koorie is a general term for Australian Indigenous people from Victoria and the southern part of New South Wales, meaning ‘our people’, ‘man’ or ‘person’. Not all Australian Indigenous people from this region use Koorie. There are many reasons for this, including personal and community preference to use their own clan or nation title instead of a generic term, or Koorie being very similar to words that are of an offensive nature in some languages. When referring to Australia as a whole, the terms Indigenous Australians or Indigenous people will be used.

Koorie Archiving: Trust and Technology - Final report (PDF, 0.44 MB)