Current projects

Ensuring ICTs play a positive role in society

Through vital education, we’re fostering a richer understanding of information technologies and systems. Our work sits at the intersection of people, organisations, human-centred design and social networks.

Recordkeeping for Empowerment of Rural Communities

Funded through an ARC DECRA Fellowship, this project aims at supporting disadvantaged rural communities by fostering culturally-sensitive and gender-sensitive information dissemination programs and digital preservation programs. Focusing on Bangladesh, the project will complement and extend the work done by the PROTIC II Monash – Oxfam partnership in that country.

Participatory Research and Ownership with Technology, Information and Change (PROTIC) II

PROTIC II is a collaboration between Monash IT and OXFAM that focuses on ICT design and how these technologies can be used to empower women in Bangladesh. It’s also concerned with the impact of societal digital transformation initiatives on disadvantaged and low-literacy communities.

Archives and the Rights of the Child Research Program

Established through an ARC Future Fellowship, this project gathers researchers across many disciplines as well as community and practice advocates. Together, they are re-imagining recordkeeping and archiving systems to drive responsive, accountable and child-centred Out-of-Home Care – and enable social and historical justice.

Charter of Lifelong Rights in Childhood Recordkeeping in Out of Home Care

Responding to the advocacy of care leavers and the organisations who support them, this project is dedicated to transforming childhood recordkeeping and meeting the lifelong information needs of Australians who have experienced out-of-home care.

People, Culture and Cybersecurity

This project involves an interdisciplinary team of researchers who are studying the safety and experiences of people at the intersection of cybersecurity and digital transformation.

Business Intelligence System to Reduce Unnecessary Diagnostic Testing

With the ever-growing complexity and volume of patients being treated within the healthcare organisations, a need for a sophisticated business intelligence (BI) system to enable real time feedback regarding the use of medical investigations has emerged.