Projects and grants

Projects and grants

We work with industry, government and non-profit partners
to realise the potential of interactive technologies.

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Major grants

ARC Discovery Project Grant (2020-2023), DP200102612

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller & Sarah Jane Pell

Designing digital aquatic play to foster Australians’ engagement with water

ARC Discovery Project Grant (2019-2022), DP190102068

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller & Elise van den Hoven (UTS)

Muscle memory: the key to novel interactive memory support systems

ARC Linkage Project Grant (2013-16), LP130100743

Xiaodong Li (RMIT), Fabio Zambetta (RMIT), Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller

Enhancing the Australian theme park experience by harnessing virtual-physical play

ARC Discovery Project Grant (2011-2014), DP110101304

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller

Understanding the design of exertion games to address Australia’s obesity issue