Students and alumni

Our students and alumni

We welcome the opportunity to support the next generation of software engineers.

On this page you will find the list of students (both from Monash University and other institutions) who are being supervised by our team, together with our projects that are available for students wishing to undertake further studies.

Klood Ahmad (Deakin University)

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Mohamed Abdelrazek
Co -Supervisor: Prof. John Grundy

Khlood's research interest is in finding human centric requirements for Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software systems.  She has previously worked on trying to use virtual reality to provide navigation and pre-navigation solutions for people with vision impairments.

Ben Philip (Deakin University)

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Mohamed Abdelrazek (Deakin)
Co-Supervisors: Prof. John Grundy, Dr Alessio Bonti (Deakin)

Ben is a PhD student at Deakin University and is associated with the ARC Hub for Digital Enhanced Living. His PhD project focuses on mobile health (mHealth) and software engineering, particularly on how we can develop better software for the mobile health domain through an architecture that allows integrating several health services and devices into one 'container'. With this approach, he hopes to solve three problems in this area - (1) how health applications can be created without needing to manage external overheads (connecting to devices, managing data, writing a lot of boilerplate code for similar apps etc.); (2) how several sensors can be integrated to one platform and how applications can share data with each other; (3) how user experience can be improved to increase the adoption of mHealth technology in any healthcare environment (such as a nursing home).


External Students

Phu Lai (Swinburne University of Technology)

Main Supervisor: Dr Qiang He (Swinburne)
Co-Supervisors: Prof. Yun Yang (Swinburne University of Technology), Prof. John Grundy, Prof. John Hosking (University of Auckland, N.Z.), A/Prof. Mohamed Abdelrazek (Deakin University)

Phu's PhD topic: user allocation and resource management in edge computing.


Elton Lobo (Deakin University & University of Copenhagen)

Main Supervisor: A/Prof. Mohamed Abdelrazek (Deakin)
Co-Supervisors: Prof. John Grundy, Prof. Trish Livingston (Deakin), Prof. Anne Frølich (UoCopenhagen), Prof. Finn Kensing (UoCopenhagen), Prof. Lene Rasmussen (UoCopenhagen)

Elton Lobo was a joint Ph.D. student at the School of IT, Deakin University, Australia and the Section of Health Science Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, working to create a smart environment for the rehabilitation, recovery and secondary prevention of stroke. Prior to enrolling at Deakin University, Elton completed his Master’s degree in Electronics, Computer Science and Sport Engineering at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, where he focused on designing systems for biomedical environments, which is one of his research interests which he looked to replicate with the HumaniSE Lab. Elton also has research interests in User-Centred Design, Computational Neurosciences, Biomechanics, IoT-Health, Wearable Computing and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Xiaoyu Xia (Deakin University)

Main Supervisor: Dr Feifei Chen (Deakin)
Co-Supervisors: A/Prof. Mohamed Abdelrazek (Deakin), Dr Qiang He (Swinburne), Prof. John Grundy

Xiaoyu's research interests include edge computing, service computing, cloud computing, green computing and software engineering.