Identification of the effects of human aspects on the RE process


Background: Requirements Engineering (RE) is a critical phase of software engineering (SE), which requires the collaboration of various SE roles, such as requirements engineers, stakeholders and other developers. Thus, it is a highly human-dependent process, identifying how “human aspects” – such as personality, motivation, emotions, communication, gender, and culture– might impact the RE process and support successful RE.

Method: A systematic Literature Review (SLR) was conducted with 74 high-quality primary studies.

Conclusion: The human aspects were categorized into three areas - individual, technical and team, and identified that these aspects positively or negatively affect the RE process. Software practitioners can consider these aspects when forming and managing teams, conducting the RE process to improve it.

Implications: The SLR findings will be beneficial for the research community by focusing on specific under-researched human aspects, developing practical guidelines/tools, and conducting studies with industry to identify their impacts better and provide better solutions.

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  • Hidellaarachchi, D., Grundy, J.C., Hoda, R., Madampe, K., The Effects of Human Aspects on the Requirements Engineering Process: A Systematic Literature Review, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. -- Final publication available at DOI Author pre-published version PDF Summary poster PDF

Project Lead

  • Dulaji Hidellaarachchi, PhD Candidate

Project Supervisors