Making Agile software development more 'soulful'!

Background: Human values are what people consider important in their lives. Ignoring to consider these values in software negatively impacts individuals and organisations and results in financial losses, reputational damages or user dissatisfaction. We investigate how software development methods can be adapted to deliver social justice, privacy and trust etc.

Method: We selected a popular Agile software development framework, (SAFe) to identify how and where in the process could we introduce and address human values.

Conclusion: Evolutionary adaptations to SAFe enables better integration of human values into software. This requires modification to existing SAFe artefacts (e.g. user stories), roles (e.g. product owner), ceremonies (e.g. daily stand-up) and practices (e.g. user acceptance testing). These modifications need to be augmented by changes to the organisational culture (e.g. hiring and induction).

Implications: Introduction of values-oriented changes to agile software methods can make software delivery more soulful i.e. both business and human values driven.

Project Lead

  • Dr Waqar Hussain

Making agile software development more soulful image