Operationalising Human Values in Requirements Engineering

Human values such as freedom, fairness, and social responsibility, often remain unnoticed and unattended during software development. Ignoring values can lead to violations in software and ultimately result in financial losses, reputation damage and widespread social and legal implications.

This research aims to operationalise human values in software by identifying the need for research on values in software engineering and examining the impact of explicit consideration of human values during requirements engineering (RE) activities on software design.

Further, this study proposes a framework, Continual Values Assessment that is capable of documenting and evaluating such impact from explicit considerations of human values in RE.

Project Lead

  • Harsha Perera

Project Supervisors

  • Dr Waqar Hussain
  • Prof. Jon Whittle
  • A/Prof. Rashina Hoda

Operationalising Human Values in Requirements Engineering image