Human-centric issues in requirements engineering

We are interested in a range of human-centric challenges in the requirements engineering domain, particularly those impacting agile requirements engineering teams. These include but are not limited to -

  1. How do requirements engineers handle requirements changes during agile software development, from both technical and behavioural/emotional reaction perspectives.
  2. How are agile requirements defined, talked about, is there a taxonomy of "agile" requirements changes.
  3. How do human-centric issues impact requirements engineering team members and stakeholders; and
  4. How can we improve RE practices and outcomes by better understanding and taking into account human-centric issues of team members and stakeholders.

To this end we are carrying out studies with RE teams to better understand these issues, design techniques and tools to better evaluate human-centric issues impacting on RE processes and outcomes, and trial these with partner organisations.

Project Lead

  • Prof. John Grundy


  • Kashumi Madampe (PhD student), Dulaji Hidellaarachchi (PhD student), A/Prof. Rashina Hoda

Categorization of various human aspects/human-centric (HC) issues diagram

Figure 1: Categorization of various human aspects/human-centric (HC) issues studied

Human aspects influencing RE diagram

Figure 2: Human aspects influencing RE; identified through quantitative analysis (LHS), and an in-depth breakdown of motivation factors; identified through qualitative analysis (RHS)