Our expertise in action

Discover how we’re using our leading knowledge in software engineering to put humans and their needs centre-stage.

Our research fall within three interconnected categories spanning the entire software life cycle:

Facts and figures

  • Human-centric requirements engineering

    We’re enhancing best practices by inventing new approaches and tools to capture diverse stakeholder requirements essential to the success of software.

  • Human-centric modelling and design

    We’re creating new notations, techniques and tools to incorporate greater human-centric aspects into the design process, resulting in more useful, usable and desirable software.

  • Human-centric testing and design

    We focus testing human-centric aspects and revising techniques for receiving in-depth feedback to ensure that software meets the needs of its users.

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Equipping tomorrow’s human-centric software pioneers

Grow your prospects and expertise through one of our innovative projects – open to PhD, master’s and minor thesis students.

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