Gender Inclusiveness in IT/SE job advertisements

The majority of IT/Software Engineering (SE) professionals are men. A potential reason for this could be that roles and the way they’re advertised are biased towards male candidates.

The aim of this project is to collect information on the current state of practices around gender inclusiveness within IT/SE job advertisements and how, if needed, we might improve this.

We conducted a survey of hiring managers and professionals, collecting their general view on gender bias within IT/SE job advertisements as well as specific views on sample job advertisements.

Our team discovered that IT/SE job advertisements are often biased towards a particular gender. Based on the review and suggestions of our participants, we developed a checklist to help hiring managers design more gender-inclusive job ads.

Presentation (PDF): Latest Enhancing Understanding and Addressing Gender Bias in ITSE Job Advertisements

Project Lead

  • Dr Tanjila Kanij


  • Professor John Grundy
  • Dr Jennifer McIntosh