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Empower our society by driving human-centric software

There are many opportunities for you to contribute to our important work while getting valuable insights around customer satisfaction, requirements management, accessibility, inclusivity and more.

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Why partner with HumaniSE Lab?

  • R&D expertise and partnerships for government research grants such as ARC Linkage, CRC-Ps, Innovation Connections.
  • Consulting capabilities for capturing and modelling human-centric aspects as part of app or service development.
  • Support for co-design activities including surveys, interviews and user studies.
  • Evaluation of human-centric readiness of apps and services.
  • Networking opportunities such as joint workshops.

How you can help

  • Case studies and/or app development projects
  • Engagement with real-world users and stakeholders
  • Engagement with developers
  • Access to repositories, issue tracking systems and documentation
  • Industry placement for student projects and internship
  • Join our Living Lab, which involves software users, stakeholders and developers throughout the development process to develop better solutions.