Whyte Fund research grants – Application and reporting forms

The Whyte Fund was initially established from bequests by Jean Whyte and her sister Phyllis and honours the role of Jean Whyte in the development of Monash University as a major centre for research and research training in librarianship, archives and records. The objective of the Fund is to advance research in the disciplines of librarianship, archives and records management. As part of this endeavour, the fund invites applications from researchers seeking funds to support research projects in these areas.

Closing dates

The following are the 2017 dates for the Whyte Fund research grant rounds:

Round No. Application closing date Notification Date
1/17 3 March 10 April
2/17 16 June 24 July
3/17 15 September 23 October
4/17 10 November 18 December

* Dates may be subject to change.

Applicants may be asked for additional information or to revise their applications following preliminary review.

Whyte Fund - Application Form for Student (DOCX, 201KB) This is intended for students participating and presenting at research meetings and carrying out fieldwork.


  1. conference travel per se will not generally be supported.
  2. the amount normally granted will not exceed $3,000 in any one year.
  3. Please ensure your submission is written using non-technical language that would be understood by non-technical specialists. If technical terms are used please provide an explanation of the terms used.
Whyte Fund - Report from Student on Completion of Travel (DOCX, 223KB) A report must be submitted within one month of completion of the funded activity.
Funding for Research

Whyte Fund - Research Grant Guidelines (DOCX, 195KB)

Whyte Fund - Research Grant Application Form (DOCX, 201KB)

This is intended to support research projects in librarianship, archives and records. Support for scholarly publication may be considered, but this is not a priority area.

Funding can be requested for budget items that directly support the proposed research, under the broad expenditure categories of personnel, equipment and travel (excluding conference travel). Requests for standard equipment which would normally be leased or purchased for the use of Monash University staff and students will not be funded.

Whyte Fund - Research Grant Progress and Final Report Form (DOCX, 200KB) Applicants who are successful in attracting funding from the Whyte Fund are required to submit progress reports every six months from the date of award of the grant, and a final report within six months of the final expenditure of the funding awarded.

For enquiries contact:

The Secretary, Whyte Fund
E: fit-whyte-fund@monash.edu