Your opportunity to mentor the next generation of women in technology

11 June 2021

Monash University’s Women in Technology (WIT) Alumni Mentoring program is returning in semester two, 2021. So, if you’re looking for an avenue to give back to your field while bolstering your leadership skills, why not come onboard as a mentor? We encourage alumni across all areas of IT – and all genders – to apply.

Think back on your early days in IT. Remember how daunting it was to step into the field for the first time?

If you were lucky enough, you might have had a mentor. Someone you could ask whatever you wanted. Someone to show you the ropes before you took the leap.

If not, imagine what a relief it would have been to have one?

Monash’s WIT Alumni Mentoring program is your opportunity to be that person.

‘This was one of the best run programs and the experience was very positive,’ said John Page, mentor and Senior Software Developer at CSIRO.

‘I am currently participating in a mentoring program run by CSIRO and have also participated in a program run by PwC. The level of support was very good and my mentee was an excellent candidate for the program.

‘She was very professional and focused, and it was good to be paired with someone who regarded this experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.’

Now in its third year, the program exists to boost the success of women and non-binary students as they embark on their IT careers.

As a mentor, you’ll work closely with your mentee. You’ll give them advice, answer their industry questions and be their sounding board for any self doubt they may have.

One past mentee said that her mentor helped her prepare for a job interview.

‘My mentor was an experienced data scientist, so he gave me lots of information on what the discipline is like,’ said one of our past mentees.

‘He gave me tips on the units to focus on and what projects and internships to look out for. He also helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses.’

By sharing insights from your time in the field, you’ll help to steady their nerves and set them on the right track. No doubt they’ll have some insights of their own to share too.

‘This was my first official mentoring experience and it brings great satisfaction to help others – while also learning from them,’ said one of last semester’s mentors.

To have a hand in building someone’s confidence and success is a deeply rewarding experience. But the benefits go way beyond that.

During the program, you’ll get to mingle with other mentors and mentees from varying backgrounds and sectors. This presents a rare opportunity to broaden your perspective   – and your professional network at the same time.

The program will also allow you to exercise your leadership and communication skills. By nurturing another person’s professional identity, you will build your own in the process.

‘Mentoring is very powerful as you’re the one who guides the student to be a candidate organisations want. It’s very transformative for both the mentee and mentor,’ said another of last semester’s mentors.

As you can see, there are a myriad of benefits to becoming an alumni mentor. It bolsters your professional development. And helping another person achieve their goals is intrinsically rewarding.

But when you become a mentor, you aren’t just helping out one person. You're giving back to the IT community at large.

After years of experience, your insights and ideas are invaluable to eager students who are the next generation of IT professionals. By stepping in now, you can have a hand in shaping the future of the field.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Register your interest for semester two, 2021 now.