IT at 2022 Open Day: Immersing students in the world of big ideas

On 7 August the Faculty of Information Technology welcomed the public to Clayton Campus for 2023 Open Day – Monash University’s first in-person Open Day since 2019.

With an incredible turnout of over 8000 guests, at least 2000 more than 2019, the surge in numbers reveals the community’s desire for tangible IT experiences and to discover what sets the Faculty of IT apart from other universities.

Part of showcasing our pioneering culture, our Dean Professor Ann Nicholson presented her welcome message to our guests as a life-size hologram which played on a loop throughout the day.

A primary mission for the Faculty is to contribute to society through innovative IT research and education. An example of this was Dr Alon Ilsar’s AirSticks, which was demonstrated throughout the day to showcase how music can be more accessible to the broader community by converting movement into sound and visuals.

From ethereal underground bioluminescent trees to abandoned post-apocalyptic railway stations, 11  students from FIT3169 Immersive Environments also had the chance to share the unique and immersive digital worlds they designed and developed. Guests wandered through a dark, smoke-filled maze marvelling at the mesmerising clips, discovering the wonder that prospective students can  create through an IT degree with Monash.

Guests also enjoyed a tour of our state-of-the-art IT precinct along with introductions to the latest research projects from our departments and labs, including AiLECS Lab’s My Pictures Matter campaign, Exertion Games Lab’s Logic Bonbon project, the HumaniSE Lab’s Enabling Ethical AI project, and more.

Guests then had the chance to speak to academics, staff and our student ambassadors about the courses we offer, including our extensive range of double degree options, renowned Industry-based Learning program, IT student clubs , Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and more. They could also book course advice sessions with our friendly advisers.

The sun shined throughout the day while guests enjoyed free pretzels on the Lemon-Scented Lawns and soaked in all that studying an IT degree at Monash has to offer.