Creating Digital Cultural and Heritage Experiences in The Public Realm

We are interested in project proposals that seek to:

  • explore an “open heritage” approach towards museo-cultural practice;
  • undertake practice-based research directed towards the development, prototyping and field testing of mobile and alternative platforms;
  • create, produce, perform or exhibit contemporary artworks, curatorial programming or forms of museum media and communication that transcend conventional protocols (of public art, heritage preservation, interpretive media, etc)
  • integrate forms of collective sociability, user-generated content and data with the viewing experience of- or interaction with creative works or cultural resources (e.g. archives, open collections);
  • investigate the possibilities of the "Internet of Cultural Things" through speculative designs for ubiquitous and pervasive solutions within “smart” cultural heritage environments, including museums and sites of historical or heritage significance; and
  • test the larger proposition of the “post-digital” and the implications this concept holds for cultural production and infrastructure designed to support the experience of art and heritage in the future.

Through this research programme, we hope to build the creative capacity of artists, designers, curators, media producers and technology developers to engage with emerging forms of cultural content (e.g. transmedia art; digital cultural heritage) leading to the development, production and realization of new, original works that challenge the nature of mediated cultural experience.

Project Supervisors: Vince Dziekan, Tom Chandler, Misha Myers

For more information, please contact Dr Vince Dziekan