Recordkeeping Analytics for Rights in Records by Design

10 January 2018

Dr Joanne Evans


Dr Joanne Evans

She is an ARC Future Fellow in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, and co-ordinator of the Records Continuum Research Group, part of the Faculty’s Centre of Organisational and Social Informatics. Her research relates to the design and development of recordkeeping and archiving systems, with emphasis on recordkeeping metadata models, interoperability and sustainability, and the use of inclusive systems and research design methodologies.

  • achieve excellence at a world top 100 university
  • be part of an internationally recognised faculty
  • be part of the Archives and the Rights of the Child Research Program

The Project

Children who experience out-of-home care need quality recordkeeping systems to develop and nurture their sense of identity and connectedness to family and community; to account for their care experiences; and to prevent, detect, report, investigate, and take action against child neglect and abuse. Those involved in providing care services and supporting children experiencing family dislocation need access to efficient, effective, and responsive information systems – driven by quality recordkeeping – to ensure the highest standards and continuity of care.

This PhD project will explore the concept of recordkeeping analytics and the role that data analysis and visualisation techniques could play in the interfaces of a lifelong living archive for childhood out of home care. It will investigate the creative use of digital and networking technologies that go beyond automating and augmenting aging and antiquated systems, to reimagine their potential to meet the lifelong identity, memory and accountability needs of those who experience childhood out of home care. It will involve envisioning recordkeeping metadata not as an administrative overhead, but as an information asset from which real time insight into the management and support of out of home care is gleaned. The aim is to investigate how recordkeeping metadata can be mined, meshed and augmented to enhance the quality, efficacy and efficiency of recordkeeping in child protection along with enabling multiple rights in records to be represented and enacted upon.

The project is part of The Archives and the Rights of the Child Research Program - The successful candidate will join a transdisciplinary research team re-imagining recordkeeping and archiving for responsive and accountable child-centred out-of-home care.

The Opportunity

This PhD project is fully funded and includes tuition fees and a stipend at RTP rate ($26,682 pa). You will be based in the Faculty of information Technology Monash University. Read more about Scholarships and Funding

Candidate Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a background in one or more of software development, data analytics, and recordkeeping metadata modelling, with a keen desire to expand their knowledge and skills into the other areas encompassed by this research project. They will have keen knowledge and interest in the socio-technical aspects of new software systems, and value sensitive research and design.

The successful candidate will have knowledge of and/or be able to learn quickly about:

  • Recordkeeping metadata
  • Specific computing techniques such as data analytics and distributed or graph-oriented computing
  • Participatory design and research methods
  • Human-computer interaction (from a socio-technical viewpoint)
  • Software development skills (particularly agile methodologies)
  • Qualitative research methods (e.g. observational studies, interviewing, ethnography)

Advanced English communication skills are critical to this project.

Candidates need to be eligible to undertake a PhD in the Faculty of IT at Monash University. Please check your eligibility on the How to apply page and if you meet the criteria please submit an Expression of Interest. (PDF, 0.14 MB)

For further information, please contact Joanne Evans

Contact name: Dr Joanne Evans