Major projects

Kinect with Signs
The Kinect with Signs Project was initiated in March 2012 and investigates as to whether the Kinect sensor, games technology and computational intelligence can be used to teach deaf children's parents sign language in their own homes without the need for expensive one-on-one tuition. Other possible uses for the technology that is being devised in this project includes teaching physical skills such as medical procedures.

Breast Cancer Knowledge Online
The Breast Cancer Knowledge Online Project has been supported by the Australian Research Council through its Linkage Program and is a joint project of Monash University, BreastCare Victoria and Breast Cancer Action Group.

BCKO Project aimed to investigate and analyse diverse information needs amongst women with breast cancer and their families with subsequent development and prototyping a design for a web-based user-sensitive portal to breast cancer knowledge online
Context-aware Mobile Decision Support Systems for Real-time Emergency Management in Mass Gatherings
Context-aware Mobile Decision Support Systems for Real-time Emergency Management in Mass Gatherings is a joint project of Monash University and IBM (Australia).
The project aims to improve communications in emergency situations in mass gatherings through effective use of mobile devices in decision support.
CIIF Koorie Archiving System
The Koorie Archiving System project is a joint project of Monash University, the Public Records Office of Victoria and the Koorie Heritage Trust, funded through the Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) of the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development.
The Koorie Archiving System project aims to provide a space where the Koorie community can come together to provide a Koorie perspective on government records about the community, and so bring together parts of their fragmented modern history.
Doing IT Better
Doing IT Better is a three-year social justice and action research partnership with the Victorian Council of Social Service to build information and communications technology (ICT) capacity in the Victorian community services sector. The project is funded through an anonymous donor.
A three way approach has been adopted which involves undertaking case studies with a number of organisations to identify issues and trial solutions, the provision of information resources to build know-how and assist decision-making and planning, and identifying systemic issues that are holding the sector back, and working to change them.
Evaluation of Heart Health Online
A program to assist GPs to manage depression and related illnesses in patients with coronary heart disease
This project aims to develop an internet-based system to assist general practitioners to manage depression and related illnesses, in people with established coronary heart disease. This project has been commenced in 2008 and is a result of the combined work of people who have experienced episodes of chronic heart disease and depression, and a team of researchers from Monash and Deakin Universities.
Digital Divas: Designing approaches to enthuse girls' interest in ICT studies and ICT careers
Girls' lack of interest in Information Communication Technology (ICT) is clearly evident by senior secondary school. Our research is exploring if a longer term strategy can encourage girls to continue ICT study.
The research outcomes will include: identifying materials most likely to stimulate girls' interests, understanding how a longitudinal program can be integrated into schools' curriculum, and through longitudinal research track the program's impact on girls' attitudes towards ICT and ICT careers.
Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm Through Education
The Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm Through Education project seeks to identify the current scope and extent of archival education in the Pacific Rim, and to encourage a number of research and development activities.
This project that commenced in 2005, is a collaboration between the directors of two of the largest archival education programs in the region – at UCLA and at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.
Trust & Technology Project
The 'Trust and Technology: building an archival system for Indigenous oral memory' project is an Australian Research Council Linkage project
The focus of the T&T project is on enabling Koorie communities to archive oral memory, and to engage with existing government and institutional archives on their terms.
Smart Information Portals Project
This project is funded from 2006 to 2008 through the ARC Discovery Project Scheme and is currently being undertaken by researchers at Monash University's Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics.
The SIP project is investigating how smart information portals, can combine intelligent technologies and metadata-driven approaches to improve the health consumer’s information search.
Memories, Communities, Technologies Project
Memories, Communities, Technologies (MCT) is a joint project of Monash University (Australia) and Kings College London (UK)
The Memories, Communities, Technologies Network brings together researchers and stakeholders from communities, memory institutions and universities who are interested in exploring the rich interplay between memories, communities and technologies at the nexus between the humanities, social sciences and information technology.
Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project
The Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project aimed to develop a prototype to demonstrate how to overcome major barriers to the implementation of recordkeeping and resource discovery metadata standards, particularly in eGovernment.
The project wished to explore how to move away from the current resource intensive process of manual metadata attribution and stand-alone systems, towards an integrated suite of business systems and processes supporting recordkeeping functions.