This report is the product of the many minds and many conversations that were part of the Trust and Technology research project between 2003 and 2008.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our industry partners: the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV), the Koorie Heritage Trust Inc. (KHT), the Victorian Koorie Records Taskforce (VKRT) and the Australian Society of Archivists Indigenous Issues Special Interest Group (ASAIISIG). We thank in particular Jason Eades, Chief Executive Officer of the KHT, and Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records for their commitment to the project. In his former position as Director and Keeper of Public Records, Ross Gibbs was instrumental in establishing the project, and we thank him for his ongoing interest in the project’s progress since moving to the National Archives of Australia.

The Australian Research Council funded this research through its Linkage Scheme.

The Monash University Chief Investigators were Professor Lynette Russell (Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies), Professor Sue McKemmish, Emeritus Professor Don Schauder, Dr Kirsty Williamson (2003-04) and Associate Professor Graeme Johanson (from 2005) (all from the Caulfield School of Information Technology). Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records, was a Partner Investigator.

Researchers engaged on the project at various times were Andrew Waugh, Graeme Hairsine, Simon Flagg, Rachel U’Ren, Emma Toon, Merryn Edwards, Sharon Huebner, Dr Stefanie Kethers, Fiona Ross, Carol Jackway and Jen Sullivan. Diane Singh, the project’s Community Advisor, played an extensive and vital role at all stages of the project. Shannon Faulkhead was the Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) PhD student attached to the project, although her contribution also extended far beyond the usual role of a PhD student.

We thank the project’s Advisory Group for their support at various stages of the project: Jim Berg, Kathryn Dan, Jenni Davidson, Jason Eades, Dr Jane Hunter, Angela Jurjevic, Michael Piggott, Dr Dianne Reilly, Joan Vickery, Chris Walker. We are grateful also to Koora Cooper and John (Sandy) Atkinson who were community representatives for the project at the Memories, Communities, Technologies Conference in 2006.

Our colleagues Dr Livia Iacovino and Professor Eric Ketelaar contributed their expertise in archives and information law to the project, and Livia’s research into the applicability of participant relationship models to archival science forms the basis of Outcome 3: New Approaches to Rights and Responsibilities in Koorie Knowledge.

Finally we acknowledge the eighty-one participants from the Koorie communities of Victoria who agreed to be interviewed as part of the project, along with thirteen archival service providers, managers and mediators who participated in stage two. We greatly appreciate their preparedness to share with us their time, opinions and experiences many of which are quoted within this report. Whilst his report does not necessarily reflect the diversity of opinions and ideas gathered from the interviews and focus groups, we have made every effort to select quotes that reflect one or more of the participants and have included other perspectives within the text. We would like to thank them all, and acknowledge those by name who have agreed to have their names included in this report:

Jenny Beer; Abigail Belfrage; Eileen Bellangarry; Frances Bond; Andy Brigham; Nerissa Broben; Elsie Coates; Koora Cooper; Maria Couzens; Joe Day; Jason Eades; Merryn Edwards; Kellyann Edwards; Tracey Evans; Pat Farrant; Simon Flagg; Carol Fraser; Melanie Fraser; Lorraine Frewen; Wanita Gibbs; Billy Gray; Justine Heazlewood; Shauna Hicks; Sandy Hodge; Nola Illin; Benjamin James; Aunty Melva Johnson; Barry Judd; Peter Kennedy; Kylie Kinsela; Irene Lawrey; Julie McCormack; Norma Maynard; Warren Meeks; Glenys Merry; Judy  Monk; Rita Morrison; Wayne Muir; Barbara Muir; Debbie Murray; Lynda Nicholson; Diana Nikkelson; Lorraine Padgham; Rodney Parsons; Paul Paton; Doris Paton; Emma Penrith; Marjorie Pickford; Bronwyn Razem; Rob Saunders; Natasha Smith; Brian Stevens; Hilda Stewart; Elaine Taylor; Alva Taylor; Esme Thompson; Judy Thorne; Len Tregonning; Jeanette Vaha’akolo; Colin Walker; Larry Walsh; Stephen Walsh; Lyn  Warren; Ross Warren; and Iris Winmar.