Memories, Communities, Technologies Project

Memories, Communities, Technologies (MCT) is a joint project of Monash University (Australia) and Kings College London (UK)


The Memories, Communities, Technologies Network brings together researchers and stakeholders from communities, memory institutions and universities who are interested in exploring the rich interplay between memories, communities and technologies at the nexus between the humanities, social sciences and information technology.

eResearch at the humanities, social sciences and information technology nexus is an exciting and challenging area. A key focus of the Memories, Communities, Technologies Network is the formation and transformation of community memories, including the role of memory institutions, and the potentially transformative and empowering effects of information and communication technologies.


The Network aims to:

  • Build an international community of researchers and stakeholders.
  • Undertake collaborative, multi-disciplinary research projects and publication initiatives.
  • Pursue a research and action agenda relating to participatory models of community eResearch.