Luis Cruz: Energy Patterns for Mobile Applications

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10th Oct 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm
Clayton Seminar Room G12A, 14 Rainforest Walk, Video conference to H7.84 Caulfield
IT research seminars


Speaker: Luis Cruz (University of Porto, Portugal)


Luís Cruz

High energy consumption is a challenging issue that an ever increasing number of mobile applications face today. However, developers still lack the knowledge and resources to ship energy efficient code. We analyzed a set of 1783 Android and iOS applications to study common practices for energy efficiency. Results show that the Android community is more energy-aware. We deliver the lessons learned in a catalog of 22 energy patterns — design patterns conceived to improve the energy efficiency of mobile applications. This presentation will cover some of these energy patterns as well as previous work in this topic.

Presenter bio

Luis Cruz is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Porto, Portugal and an associate researcher at INESC-ID where most of his research is carried out. His main research fields are Mobile Software Engineering, Green Computing, and Mining Software Repositories. His work aims at improving mobile development processes concerning energy consumption of mobile applications.

Host: Li Li

Tea, coffee, and snacks will be available at the primary venue for the audience after the talk.

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