Past Seminars

    Past Seminars

  • Christoph Treude

    Faculty of IT Seminar: Christoph Treude

    18 October, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Unlocking the insights hidden in software documentation

    Speaker: Christoph Treude
    Abstract: Knowledge management plays a central role in many software development organizations. ...

  • Professor Jon-Whittle

    General Seminar: Jon Whittle

    17 October, 2017 from 15:00 PM — 16:00 PM

    This is the inaugural seminar of the new General Academic Seminar Series. See for details. This is a 20 ...

  • Faculty of IT Seminar: Academic staff appointment seminar

    09 October, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    From Verification to Testing: A Journey Towards Efficient Software Checking
    Abstract: Software controls everything. It executes your financial transactions, powers the ...

  • Vural Aksakalli

    Faculty of IT Seminar: Dr Vural Aksakalli

    04 October, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Feature Selection and Ranking via Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation

    Abstract: Feature selection (FS) has become an indispensable task in dealing with ...

  • Julian Brooke

    Faculty of IT Seminars: Julian Brooke

    20 September, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Finding Lexical Formulas

    Speaker: Julian Brooke
    Abstract: Some recent research in linguistics argues that a significant portion of human language is generated ...

  • Paolo Rosso

    IT Seminar: Paolo Rosso

    05 September, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    PAN Lab at CLEF: author profiling in social media
    Abstract: Author profiling is the study of how language is shared by ...

  • Sarana Nutanong

    IT Seminar: Sarana Nutanong

    30 August, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    A Generic Method for Accelerating Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH)-Based Similarity Join Processing

    Abstract: Locality sensitive hashing (LSH) is an efficient method ...

  • Sven Koenig

    IT Seminar: Sven Koenig

    25 August, 2017 from 10:30 AM — 11:30 AM

    Progress on Multi-Robot Path Finding
    Abstract: Teams of robots often have to assign target locations among themselves and then plan collision-free ...

  • Faculty of IT Seminars

    24 August, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 16:00 PM

    Each seminar will run for 20 mins (and Q&A for 10 mins after that).
    Seminar 1: Uncovering Security Issues of ...

  • Marti Hearst

    Dean's Seminar Series: Innovating in the Teaching of Information Visualization by Marti Hearst

    21 August, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Speaker: Marti Hearst
    Information visualization has escaped the research lab and is now heavily used by practitioners across a wide ...

  • Nathan Sturtevant

    IT Seminars: Nathan Sturtevant

    18 August, 2017 from 13:00 PM — 14:00 PM

    New Developments in Bidirectional Heuristic Search
    Abstract: Bidirectional search has been studied in many contexts for over 50 years. Despite the ...

  • Joao Gama

    IT Seminar: Joao Gama

    18 August, 2017 from 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM

    Evolving Social Networks: understanding the trajectories of communities
    Abstract: In our digital world, social networks are becoming more and more influential ...

  • Gora Datta

    IT Seminar: Gora Datta

    16 August, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Healthcare in 21st Century: removing the barrier of distance
    Abstract: There has been a phenomenal rise of mobile devices and smart ...

  • Adi Botea

    IT Seminar: Adi Botea

    15 August, 2017 from 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM

    Route Planning with Compressed Path Databases for Static and Moving Targets
    Abstract: Route planning (path finding) is important in many applications, ...

  • Yulei Sui

    IT Seminar: Yulei Sui

    03 August, 2017 from 13:30 PM — 14:00 PM

    Static and Dynamic Program Analysis to Improve Code Reliability and Security for Large-Scale Software
    Abstract: Program analysis is an enabling technique ...

  • Emilie Pine

    IT Seminar: Emilie Pine

    01 August, 2017 from 15:00 PM — 16:00 PM

    The Witness & the Archive Digitising Memories of Childhood Abuse in Ireland
    Abstract: In this lecture, Emilie Pine will consider the ...

  • Sebastian Pokutta

    IT Seminar: Sebastian Pokutta

    01 August, 2017 from 13:00 PM — 14:00 PM

    Lazifying Conditional Gradients
    Abstract: Both discrete optimization techniques as well as machine learning approaches have made significant progress over the last ...

  • IT Seminar: Marc Cheong

    26 July, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Existentialism and

  • Davoud Mougouei

    IT Seminar: Davoud Mougouei

    12 July, 2017 from 14:00 PM — 15:00 PM

    Considering Value-Related Dependencies among Requirements in Software Release Planning: An Integer Programming Approach

    Abstract: Software release planning is to find a ...

  • Bettina Speckmann

    IT Seminar: Bettina Speckmann

    10 July, 2017 from 11:00 AM — 12:00 PM

    Applied Geometric Algorithms
    Abstract: Geometric algorithms is the field within algorithms research that is concerned with the design and analysis of ...