Scholarships and applications

We have a wide range of scholarships for domestic and international PhD and MPhil students.

In our faculty, we have more than 250 PhD students – and over 80% of them are supported by scholarships.

To advance equity, diversity and inclusion, we also have dedicated scholarships for women in IT, Indigenous students and other underrepresented groups.

How to apply

We evaluate scholarship applications all year round, which means there are no deadlines. Apply whenever you are ready.

Whether it is for a Monash scholarship or self-funded, you must start your application by finding a project and supervisor to work with.
By heading to Supervisor Connect, you can browse experts and projects by topic, research area or person. Every initiative is eligible for a scholarship.

Apply now through Supervisor Connect

The process is as follows:

  1. After you have found a project of interest, you can immediately send an Expression of Interest from its description. The corresponding supervisor will contact you to discuss the opportunity.
  2. Your supervisor will then guide you through the application process, which includes documentation and submission.


To be eligible for a graduate research scholarship, you need to have a first-class honours (H1) or a qualification deemed to be equivalent.
Selections for research scholarships are based on academic merit and research potential, taking into account research experience, outputs, publications and alignment with our research strengths.

Projects with ‘project-based’ or ‘GRIP’ funding have dedicated scholarships. These are open to outstanding students and have a particular selection focus on an excellent student-project fit.

There is a variety of funding opportunities external to the University, which offer scholarships for study at Monash. Even if you are considering an external scholarship opportunity, we recommend that you first find a suitable project via Supervisor Connect. This will allow your future PhD adviser to provide you with valuable advice and guidance during the application process.

Helpful resources and further information