Amplifying local voices. Revealing powerful stories.

Indaba is an innovative approach to video production – developed through a long-term partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Blending cutting-edge features with a digitally-augmented process, Indaba empowers non-professionals to film, edit and publish high-quality videos using mobile devices and the Indaba app. It aims to amplify the voices of local communities and tell their stories with authenticity.

Much like a five-day film school, Indaba covers the key stages of video production, including generating ideas, planning, filming, editing and reviewing. It delivers:

  • pocket-sized guides that cover the key elements of video production as well as essential tasks at each stage
  • flipchart paper, story cards and tag stickers to help participants generate and expand ideas for their video project
  • the Indaba Dashboard, used to manage various parts of the process including onboarding participants, uploading content and tagging sections in a video’s narrative
  • capabilities to pair with video editing programs such as Adobe Premier
  • guides to integrate with subtitling and translation tools, to convert transcribed videos into a desired language.

‘We have worked hard to develop a tool that supports the production of community videos in a sustainable, scalable way. Indaba allows NGOs around the world to use participatory video to empower communities and improve their projects through avenues not available before.” says Project Lead Dr Tom Bartindale.

Indaba has already been implemented in Indonesia, Namibia and Egypt.

Over 1,100 locals have used it to create videos in support of sanitation and hygiene, orphans and vulnerable children, and health and safety training in schools for the deaf.

Explore Indaba’s suite of helpful resources. You can also watch the technology’s past deployments on its dedicated YouTube channel.