Centre for Data Science

Data board

Monash has unsurpassed breadth and depth of expertise across the broad range of areas of information technology that underpin the fast-developing field of data science.

As highlighted in our Showcase Projects, we work with industry, government and community partners to develop effective data-driven solutions with impact and research expertise. Areas of research expertise includes: data governance, data management and data archiving, data analytics and visualisation in the digital humanities, community, cultural heritage and not-for-profit sectors.

  Data Analytics Data Systems Data Governance,
Management and Archiving
Flagships and Centres
  • Data Systems and Cybersecurity
  • COSI
  • IT for Resilient Communities
Areas of Research
  • Image Processing
  • Information Aggregation
  • Information Retrieval
  • Machine Learning
  • Modelling
  • Simulation
  • Visualisation
  • Immersive analytics
  • Apps
  • Distributed/Grid computing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Mobile/Sensor networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Security
  • Web Services
  • Archives
  • Community Informatics
  • Information Accessibility
  • Information Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Recordkeeping

Geoff  Webb

Director, Centre for Data Science

PhD Projects

The Centre for Data Science is currently seeking suitably qualified PhD candidates to undertake research projects. There are numerous projects seeking PhD candidates that are indicative of the interests of our researchers. Alternatively, future candidates who have a strong vision of what research area they would like to follow can approach individual researchers.


The new Master of Data Science or the fully online Graduate Diploma in Data Science, and the Bachelor of Computer Science with a Data Science specialisation.


This 3-day course is a unique "starter kit" for Data Science adoption, covering all aspects from data collection to operationalisation.