Researcher profiles

Researcher Area Background
Wray Buntine Course Director, also Unit Director for FIT5145 With a data analysis career spanning NASA, Google, Silicon Valley start-ups and EU and Australian research laboratories, Buntine has over 150 scientific publications, helped form modern Machine Learning with contributions to decision trees, decision forests, relational learning and graphical models. His main area currently is Bayesian document analysis and his topic modelling software HCA is best-in-class, and is the only high performance non-parametric system.
Tom Denison Unit Director for FIT5146 Denison conducts research within the fields of social and community informatics, specialising in research relating to the effective use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) by communities and their members. Particular foci of his research include: ICTs as a form of mediated communication and its consequences;  ICTs for non-profit organisations and cultural institutions; and the role of social networks. He has consulted widely in Australia and Vietnam, assisting libraries and non-profit organisations.
Kevin Korb Unit Directory for FIT5197 Korb has been pursuing the automation of science (the machine learning of causal models) since he encountered Judea Pearl's book Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems in 1988. He completed his PhD on the subject in History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana in 1992 and joined Prof Chris Wallace at Monash to implement these ideas in the program CaMML (Causal discovery via MML). He is active in machine learning, causal modeling, Bayesian net technology and evaluation of machine learning.
Kim Marriott Unit Director for FIT5147 Marriott has nearly 200 scientific publications in information visualisation and optimisation. He obtained his PhD at Uni Melb in 1989, then spent 4 years at IBM TJ Watson Research Lab as a research scientist before joining Monash University. His research underpins visualisations in widely used software including InkScape, CodeMap in Microsoft Visual Studio and Apple's OSX and iOS widget layout.
Sue McKemmish Management Team McKemmish is Chair of Archival Systems, Monash University and Director of the Monash UniversityCentre for Organisational and Social Informatics. She is engaged in major research and standards initiatives relating to the use of metadata in records and archival systems, information resource discovery and smart information portals and Australian Indigenous archives.
Ann Nicholson Management Team Professor Ann E. Nicholson is the Associate Dean Education in the Faculty of Information Technology. Ann specialises in Bayesian network modelling and is an expert in dynamic Bayesian networks, planning under uncertainty, user modelling, Bayesian inference methods, and knowledge engineering with Bayesian networks.
Geoff Webb Management Team Webb is a leading international researcher in the field of data mining. His commercial association discovery software is best-in-class.  He was editor-in-chief of the highest-impact data mining journal, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. He is an IEEE Fellow and received an Australian Research Council Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award. main areas of research are learning from big data, probabilistic learning, pattern discovery and computational structural biology.