Research areas


The aim of the Group is to contribute to the development of individuals, organisations and society through research into human-centred design, deployment and the creative use of ICT in organisations and society to:

  • develop theory, frameworks, models and tools for human-centred analysis, design, development, use and management of information systems, products and services, particularly in Business, eGovernment, eHealth, eCommunities, eSociety and eResearch itself
  • improve how people and organisations create, manage, categorise, seek, obtain, evaluate, and use information
  • improve enterprise and interpersonal information flow and recorded memory
  • break down barriers to satisfy the information and information systems needs of people and organisations, and to extend their effective use of information and information and communication technologies
  • evaluate the effectiveness of ICTs in communities and organisations.

More specifically the Group will:

  • Advance knowledge about human centred design, deployment and the creative and effective use of ICTs in organisations and society;
  • Conduct high-quality graduate education and research training in organisational and social informatics;
  • Establish collaborative links across disciplinary areas, institutions and sectors relating to organisational and social informatics;
  • Establish effective links with relevant governmental, professional, business and community organisations and groups;
  • Organise and conduct conferences, seminars, workshops, and non-degree training courses in organisational and social informatics;
  • Build Monash's reputation for expertise and advice pertaining to organisational and social informatics;
  • Encourage the enrolment and completion of high quality PhD candidates.

Research areas

The Group conducts an integrated set of programs in research, research training, graduate education, and professional and community engagement. The integration of these programs is essential for the success of the Centre.

The Group’s research programs are organised according to 6 interrelated programs:

1. Foundations of Organisational and Social Informatics

This program involves research relating to the development of theories, models and tools in this field, including research into appropriate research methods and techniques.

2. Health Informatics

This program includes the application of ICTs to the delivery of quality information to health consumers, and the use of mobile devices in the delivery of health care services.

3. eGovernment and Business Informatics

This program involves research into the application of ICTs in eGovernment and Business.

4. eResearch Informatics

This program relates to building eResearch governance frameworks and infrastructures to support collaborative research teams involving academics, industry and professional partners and community stakeholders.

5. eDemocracy and Community Informatics

This program includes research relating to the role of ICTs in eDemocracy, community networking, and community development.

6. Education Informatics

Major themes running across all program areas include:

  • Human-centred ICT Design
  • Useability
  • Information Quality
  • Information Accessibility
  • Information Interoperability
  • Information Systems Interoperability
  • Governance Frameworks
  • Knowledge Commons
  • Effective technology systems design.

In addition to a core commitment of publishing research results in the highest quality scholarly journals, the Centre will use its website as a key resource for academics, professionals, industry and community stakeholders. Centre staff will maintain their high level of organizing involvement in major academic conferences and journals, as well as industry and community forums.