Past projects

Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm Through Education

The Pluralizing the Archival Paradigm Through Education project seeked to identify the current scope and extent of archival education in the Pacific Rim, and to encourage a number of research and development activities. This project that commenced in 2005, was a collaboration between the directors of two of the largest archival education programs in the region – at UCLA and at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.
Memories, Communities, Technologies

Memories, Communities, Technologies (MCT) was a joint project of Monash University (Australia) and Kings College London (UK). The Memories, Communities, Technologies Network brings together researchers and stakeholders from communities, memory institutions and universities who are interested in exploring the rich interplay between memories, communities and technologies at the nexus between the humanities, social sciences and information technology.
Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project

The Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project aimed to develop a prototype to demonstrate how to overcome major barriers to the implementation of recordkeeping and resource discovery metadata standards, particularly in eGovernment. The project wished to explore how to move away from the current resource intensive process of manual metadata attribution and stand-alone systems, towards an integrated suite of business systems and processes supporting recordkeeping functions.
Doing IT Better

Doing IT Better was a three-year social justice and action research partnership with the Victorian Council of Social Service to build information and communications technology (ICT) capacity in the Victorian community services sector. The project was funded through an anonymous donor.
Panic and Anxiety Project
2005 - 2006

The project sought to extend the findings of an earlier project, which had established that implementing user profiles, information could be better tailored to the individual consumer. The project in conjunction with researchers from the School of Primary Health Care, assessed the applicability of that work for stress and anxiety management and involved examining the user requirements, profiles and information resources required by people suffering from those problems
Pace Heart Life Skills Project
2005 - 2006

The project aimed to develop an internet resource providing a gateway to information on heart health and coronary heart disease, and related health matters. Such health matters included information on how to manage physical and emotional symptoms to prevent future cardiac problems. The gateway was created to be used by general practitioners to manage depression in patients with established coronary heart disease.
Improving Meteorological Forecasting Practice with Knowledge Management Systems

Twenty-first century weather forecasting presents a number of challenges. Meteorologists need to assess a vast amount of data under strict time constraints, incorporate predictive numerical modeling and their collective experiential knowledge into the forecast process, learn from the forecast process, and meet increasing user demand within limited resources. This project seeked to help forecasters meet these challenges by changing the information technology paradigm which has traditionally underpinned meteorology from one exclusively comprised of predictive numerical models to one which incorporates the knowledge and experience of forecasters. This research built on a longstanding and very successful collaboration between the Bureau and Monash.
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