The Monash KMRP is researching how to support knowledge work through the application of Task-based Knowledge Management theory. The research addresses the design and development of information and communications technology (ICT) applications to support knowledge work. It focuses on work practices in order to understand how work is actually done and to reveal the knowledge processes that underlie those practices. This understanding informs the design of computer based systems to support the work task and to effectively deploy knowledge to support that activity. Our research is focused on the pragmatic, conceptual and cognitive practices that define knowledge work. Industry sectors and research domains for our project include biology, immunology, epidemiology, meteorology, defence, food safety and clinical and management aspects of healthcare.

KM at Monash is now a part of the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics (COSI).

Prof Frada Burstein
KMRP Director

Frada BursteinA/Prof. Henry Linger
KMRP Deputy Director
Henry Linger

About the Knowledge Management Research Program (KMRP)

The KM Research Program at Monash University, Faculty of Information Technology is one of the formal research groups operating since 1995. We are conducting studies towards a comprehensive approach to knowledge management for intelligent decision support.

We proposed a model to support a task-based knowledge management which helps people to explicitly recognise  existing and to create new knowledge while performing a task. It follows our "learning-by-doing" philosophy.

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is a broad concept that addresses the full range of processes by which an organisation deploys knowledge. These involve the acquisition, retention, storage, distribution and use of knowledge in an organisation.

What are the aims of the KM Program?

The KM Program aims to:

  • conduct research into optimising knowledge management for internal and external stakeholders, with particular reference to information agencies themselves
  • to become a centre of excellence in research, research training, consulting and teaching in the area of knowledge management
  • conduct and coordinate a range of activities in the KM area at Monash and beyond
  • generate publications and research students projects

What the KM Program does

We study both technological and organisational/managerial challenges associated with introducing KM into the enterprises. We have and are conducting a number of projects which apply and refine the theoretical models we proposed.

To explore various technological approaches we created a KM Lab - a Virtual Laboratory. KM Lab is a flexible state-of-the-art facility to support research, research training and teaching in enterprise knowledge management.
The laboratory is based at the Caulfield campus of Monash University and serves staff and students on campus as well as remotely.

The KM Lab works collaboratively with other COSI research groups.

Knowledge Management People

Our researchers


Honourary research staff

  • Dr Suzanne Zyngier (La Trobe University)
  • Dr Kerry Tanner
  • Dr Kate Lazarenko (NEHTA)
  • Ms Jill Owen (ADFA, UNSW)
  • Shawn Callahan (ANECDOTE)

Research students

Current PhD candidates

  • Jue Xie, 'Supporting Quality Assessment Processes in User-centred Health Information Portals'
  • Irena Ali, 'Formal organisation and informal networks: co-existence for future survival'
  • Michael Niemann, ‘Expert identification within a verbose online community'
  • Hamid Pousti,
  • Bang Nguyen, ‘Improving and sustaining Health Information Portals through the exploration of usage'
  • Tao Guo,
  • Adel Moslehi, ‘Knowledge Networks of SMEs in e-Business projects'

Past PhD candidates

  • Shane Grisby, 'A Multilayered Intelligent, Multi-Attribute Decision Support System for Improving Consistency in Medical Triage'
  • Jill Owen, 'The Integration of Knowledge Management and Project Management' (Joint Supervisor: Dr Henry Linger)
  • Kate Lazarenko, 'The Role of User Expectations in the Design and Development of Personalised Health Information Websites and Portals' (Joint supervisor A/Prof Julie Fisher)
  • Shane Grisby, 'A Context Sensitive, Advisory Based Decision Support Approach for Mobile, Knowledge Based, Time Dependant Environments', PhD (Associate Supervisor: A/Prof Julie Fisher) - under examination
  • Fonny Sujanto, 'Process-based Ontology for Decision Support in a Complex Problem Domain: a Case of Medical Emergency Coordination', PhD completed in 2010 (Associate Supervisor: Andrzej Ceglowski, BusEco)
  • Richard Zanner, 'An analysis of knowledge in practice within the organisation in transition' PhD completed in 2010 (Associate Supervisors: Dr Henry Linger and Dr Kerry Tanner)
  • Kerry Tanner, 'Human capital and ICTs in knowledge-enabled organizational change', PhD completed in 2005 (Joint Supervisor: Professor Don Schauder)
  • Suzanne Zyngier, 'Governance of strategies to manage organizational knowledge', PhD completed in 2007 (Associate Supervisor:A/Professor Judy McKay, Swinburne University)
  • Chris Manning, 'Understanding Principal/Partner Perceptions of Knowledge Management System Continuance in Small to Medium Sized Professional Service Firms', PhD completed in 2006 (Principal Supervisor: Prof Ron Webber)
  • Sergio Viademonte, 'A Hybrid Model for Intelligent Decision Support: Combining Data Mining And Artificial Neural Networks', PhD completed in 2004 (Associate Supervisor: Dr Ilona Jagielska)
  • Bernard Terrill, 'Integrative Knowledge Management Systems: Factors Influencing User Satisfaction and the Decision to Use', PhD completed in 2004 (Principal Supervisor Professor Andy Flitman, School of Business Systems)
  • Patrick Cao, 'The Effects of Parallel versus Sequential Coordination Methods on Group Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Outcomes: An Empirical Study with a Web-Based GDSS Prototype', PhD completed in 2003 (Associate Supervisor: Dr Jocelyn San Pedro)
  • Gabby Fennessy, 'Investigation of knowledge management within the context of evidence based health care', PhD completed in 2002 (Associate Supervisor: Professor Don Schauder)
  • Paranagama, Priyanka - 'Using decision maker personality as a basis for building adaptive decision support system generators for senior decision makers', PhD completed in 2000, accepted in 2002 (Associate Supervisor: Professor David Arnott)

Current Masters and Honours by Research students

  • Edgar Kautzner, 'A study of child obesity monitoring system from the Value Sensitive Design (VSD) principles'
  • Abeer Sandher, 'A use of mobile ICT for decision support in medical emergency services in mass gatherings'

Past Masters and Honours by Research students

  • Danny Ardianto, 'Knowledge Management Governance in Cross-Border Enterprise', MBIS(Honours), First class hounors, completed in 2010 (Associate supervisors: Dr Kerry Tanner and Dr Suzanne Zyngier, La Trobe University)
  • Tao Guo, 'Building Ontology from Public Knowledge', MCompSci(minor thesis), completed 2009, first class, (Associate Supervisors: Dr Henry Linger, Dr David G. Schwartz, Bar Ilan University, Israel)
  • Ligia Ionesku, 'Australian KM Strategies in public and private sector', MIMS (Research) completed in 2007 (Associate Supervisor: Dr Henry Linger)
  • Neha Padmanabhan, 'Experimental Evaluation of Mobile Decision Support Prototype for Emergency Triage', MIMS(Research) completed in 2006 (Associate Supervisor: Dr Leonid Churilov)
  • Simran Sohal, 'Knowledge management leadership in Australia: The understanding of knowledge management roles and responsibilities', BIS(Honours) completed in 2006, Second Class Honours
  • Jane Moon, 'Intelligent Portals: supporting medical information needs', MIMS(Research) completed 2004 (Principal Supervisor: A/Prof Julie Fisher), First Class Honours
  • Jessica Smith, 'The Effect of an Organization's Structure and Culture on a Knowledge Management Initiative', BIS(Honours) completed 2004 (Associate Supervisor: Dr Henry Linger)
  • Antuanette Handley, 'Evaluating Electronic Data Resources: A Multiple Perspective Approach', completed in 2002, MIMS(Hons) (Associate Supervisor Dr Kirsty Williamson)
  • Raya Shtalman, 'Academic writing: A knowledge management perspective', Second Class Honours, completed 2002, (Associate Supervisor: Henry Linger)
  • Yinmin Chung, 'The Role of Social Practices in Individual Knowledge Creation', MIMS(Research) (Principal supervisor - Dr Henry Linger) completed in 2006, Second Class Honours
  • Bruno Blanchard, 'Impact of customer knowledge on product/service innovation', MIMS(Hons) completed in 2002 (Associate Supervisor: Kerry Tanner)
  • Suzanne Zyngier, 'A measurement of the understanding of the concept of knowledge management, and of its uptake levels in Australia', MIMS(Research) completed in 2002, first class Honours
  • Clyde Cook, 'An Item-Oriented Model of Knowledge and Associated Concepts: A Multiparadigm Study From An Information Systems Perspective', MIMS(Hons) completed in 2003 (Associate Supervisor: Henry Linger)

Our associates

Industry Associates

  • Ms Helen Smith, Acumen Multimedia
  • Ms Judith Ellis, Enterprise Knowledge
  • Mr Greg Colette, Wordware
  • Dr Simon Goss, DSTO
  • Doug Eddy, Dairy Food Safety Victoria

Academic Associates

  • Professor Juhani Iivari, Department of Processing Science, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Professor Amrik Sohal, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University
  • Associate Professor Helen Hasan, University of Wollongong
  • Professor Jim Warren, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Professor Eric Tsui, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

International visitors to KMRP

2010 visitors

  • Jalal Rezaeenour, PhD candidate of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology,(IUST), Teharan, Iran
  • Helen Hasan, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Alexander Serenko, Lakehead University, Canada
  • Dov Te'eni, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

2009 visitors

  • Assoc Prof Helen Hasan, University of Wollongong
  • Prof Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University, USA

2008 visitors

  • Prof Juhani Iivari, Oulu University, Finland
  • Prof Karl Heinz Kautz, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Dr David Schwartz from Bar Ilan University sabbatical visit.

2007 visitors

  • Professor David Schwartz of Bar Ilan University (Israel)

2006 visitors

  • Murray Jennex, San Diego State University, editor in chief of the International Journal of Knowledge Management
  • Ken Standfield, Chairman, The International Intangible Management Standards Institute
  • Meliha Handzic, Associate Professor of Information Systems at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, a partner of the University of Buckingham in the UK
  • Jim Warren, Professor, Chair in Health Informatics, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland
  • Paul Godley, Department of Comp Sci and Maths, University of Stirling
  • Giovanni Medina Reyes - Operation Research Masters by research exchange student, Universidad de Chile, Mathematical and Physical Science, Santiago, Chile
  • Faxiang Chen, Associate Professor, School of Management, Hefei University of Technology, - Chinese visiting Scholar
  • Tunç Medeni, School of Knowledge Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)

2005 visitors

  • Karl Heinz Kautz, Professor Copengagen School of Business
  • Nelly Todorova - University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Waltraut Ritter, Director, Knowledge Enterprises, Research and Advisory company, Hong Kong


Past Conferences

Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS)

Australian Conference for Knowledge Management and Intelligent Decision Support

  • ACKMIDS 2009
  • ACKMIDS 2008
  • ACKMIDS 2007
  • ACKMIDS 2006
  • ACKMIDS 2005
  • ACKMIDS 2004
  • ACKMIDS 2003
  • ACKMIDS 2002


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Knowledge Management Research Program Publications

This section of our website is under construction. Please note that our most recent publications are included under the annual reports at the COSI publication page.

Many publications (where copyright permits) are available in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format. Send requests to the Knowledge Management Research Program Director Prof Frada Burstein.

Some of our old publications can be found here:

News and Highlights

  • Teaching:
    There are a number of knowledge management units that are a part of postgraduate courses, such as Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS) and Graduate Diploma in Information and Knowledge Management (GradDipIKM) as well as units for undergraduate programs such as Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (BITS)
    • FIT3099 – Knowledge management
    • FIT3122 / FIT 5088 – Information and knowledge management systems
    • FIT5086 – Information and knowledge management principles
    • FIT5150 – Project management as knowledge-based practice
    • FIT5102 – IT Strategy and governance

"Human Capital, Organisational Systems and Technologies" [Paperback]
by Kerry Tanner.
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2010), ISBN-10:3838374495