Rui Maranhao Abreu: A new test-suite testability & diagnosability metric

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28 Nov 2018 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Clayton Seminar Room G12A, 14 Rainforest Walk, Video Conference to H7.84 Caulfield
IT research seminars


Speaker: Rui Maranhao Abreu (University of Lisbon, Portugal)


Rui Maranhao Abreu

Current metrics for assessing the adequacy of a testsuite plainly focus on the number of components (be it lines, branches, paths) covered by the suite, but do not explicitly check how the tests actually exercise these components and whether they provide enough information so that spectrum-based fault localization techniques can perform accurate fault isolation. Recently, proposed a metric, called DDU, aimed at complementing adequacy measurements by quantifying a test-suite’s diagnosability, i.e., the effectiveness of applying spectrum-based fault localization to pinpoint faults in the code in the event of test failures. Our aim is to increase the value generated by creating thorough test-suites, so they are not only regarded as error detection mechanisms but also as effective diagnostic aids that help widely-used faultlocalization techniques to accurately pinpoint the location of bugs in the system. Our experiments show that optimizing a test suite with respect to DDU yields a 34% gain in spectrum-based fault localization report accuracy when compared to the standard branch-coverage metric.

This is joint work with Alex Perez and Arie van Deursen; published @ ICSE17.

Presenter bio

Prof. Rui Abreu holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science - Software Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, and a M.Sc. in Computer and Systems Engineering from the University of Minho, Portugal. His research revolves around software quality, with emphasis in automating the testing and debugging phases of the software development life-cycle as well as self-adaptation. Dr. Abreu has extensive expertise in both static and dynamic analysis algorithms for improving software quality. He is the recipient of 6 Best Paper Awards, and his work has attracted considerable attention. Before joined IST, ULisbon as an Associate Professor and INESC-ID as a Senior Researcher, he was a member of the Model-Based Reasoning group at PARC’s System and Sciences Laboratory and an Assistant Professor at the University of Porto. He has co-founded DashDash in January 2017, a platform to create web apps using only spreadsheet skills. The company has secured $9M in Series A funding in May 2018.

Twitter: @rmaranhao

Hosts: John Grundy and Luis Cruz

Tea, coffee, and snacks will be available at the primary venue for the audience after the talk.

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John Grundy