Big data management

Using Big Spatiotemporal Data for Road Safety

Researchers: Associate Professor Muhammad Cheema and Dr Adel Toosi

On their own, traffic accidents cause 1.3 million fatalities every year – and improper situational awareness is often a major cause. This project aims to exploit big spatio-temporal data to design intelligent techniques for scheduling and offloading tasks to the cloud and peer vehicles. This will ultimately meet the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of time-critical road safety applications and increase situational awareness by automatically identifying unsafe road conditions and risky driving behaviors – and sending alerts in real time to affected vehicles.

Big Data in Railway

Researchers: Associate Professor David Taniar
Beng Oh, Paras Sitoula and Ravi Ravitharan (Institute of Railway Technology, Monash University)

Railway track maintenance is a critical part of safety, especially in heavy-haul railways. We’re using big data technologies to process and analyse information gathered from sensors in trains to predict and detect track failures early.