What's involved in experiential learning?

You will be working directly with clients, gaining 'real life’ experience and skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. Practical skills in mediation, negotiation, collaboration, arbitration all essential for your future capacity as a lawyer.

You will also begin to understand the boundaries between a lawyer’s role and those of other human services. And you will gain communication skills and emotional intelligence - essential for effectively attracting, representing and keeping clients.


Our experiential learning program provides students with an insight into what an average day-to-day looks like for a real-life working lawyer.

Students will manage between 10 to 12 client files over a 17 to 19 week period; the community legal centre becoming your defacto classroom for this period.

Springvale Monash Legal Service is open five days and four evenings per week so you may be required to do an evening shift.

When can I apply?

You can apply for our experiential program from your 3rd year of study, as an undergraduate student. 

Juris Doctor students can apply for their clinical legal education program in their 2nd year.