Clinical Guarantee

Clinical Legal Education

At Monash Law we believe access to quality legal advice shouldn’t be confined to those who can afford it.

Tens of thousands of Victorians are turned away from community legal services each year. We believe this is unacceptable.

At Monash Law we believe our students should be work-ready, confident and equipped with life experiences that put them in a strong position when entering the workforce.

Our Law students are a wealth of knowledge, and possess a boundless enthusiasm, dedication and creativity to find solutions to problems that others would simply declare ‘too hard’.

At Monash Law, we believe in innovation. We recognise opportunities to improve access to justice while also strengthening the education of our talented Law students.

Our Clinical Legal Education (CLE) program is the result of these factors.

CLE gives Monash Law students the opportunity to work in real community law clinics, which are operated by (or in association with) Monash Law. CLE places our Law students with real clients who are seeking legal advice for the array of problems life can throw at you.

Working under the supervision of expert lawyers, Monash Law students contribute to the lives of people who have nowhere else to turn. While helping clients, our students gain professional experience which they can credit towards their degree.

For over 40 years, our CLE program has brought expert legal help to those who would otherwise slip through the cracks, while assisting Monash Law students to be the best lawyers and citizens they can be.

Our Guarantee

The best experiential legal education in Australasia

From 2018, Monash Law will be offering a guaranteed clinical education experience for all students who wish to incorporate a practical component credited towards their Monash Law degree.

We are the first law school in Australia to offer a guarantee like this for our students. This reflects our belief in the transformative effect of experiential education.

Students – more for their degree & improved employability

  • Improved graduate employability driven by the skills and knowledge gained through participation
  • Providing all students, regardless of social or economic background, with pathways into the legal profession.
  • Increase connection points and enhanced opportunities
  • Build professional networks.
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of the law and its application in the community, government and commercial world
  • Potential to be involved in meaningful and high-profile law reforms.