Law Bachelors Resolution - Supplementary Assessments

Law Bachelors Resolutions 2001

(As amended by Executive Committee December 2011)

21. Supplementary assessments

Pursuant to section 5 of the University Assessment Regulations:
21.1 Definitions:

- ‘student' means a person who is enrolled as a candidate for a Bachelor of Laws
degree of the faculty or for an undergraduate combined degree offered by the faculty;
- ‘final semester' includes the summer semester of that academic year where the
student has enrolled for the summer semester;
- ‘board of examiners' means undergraduate division of the board of examiners;
-a ‘quasi-compulsory unit' means a unit which is not specified under resolution 13 but
is a unit which satisfies the requirements for an area of academic knowledge under
schedule 2 of the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules 2008;
- 'regulations' means University Assessment regulations

21.2 No supplementary assessment shall be awarded other than in accordance with the
regulations or these resolutions

21.3 A supplementary assessment in a unit may take the form of an examination or another
form of assessment at the discretion of the Chief Examiner, and may involve a student
in repeating all or part of the course of study in that unit.

21.4 A student who has presented for a special examination in relation to a unit and has
failed to pass that unit is not eligible for a supplementary assessment in relation to the
current enrolment in that unit unless it is the last unit required to qualify for the degree
of Bachelor of Laws and the requirements of s5 of the regulations and resolution 21. 7
are satisfied.

21.5 A student who has been permitted to sit for a supplementary examination in relation to
a unit shall present for that examination during the university's supplementary and
special examination period as prescribed under the section 10.3 of the regulations, or
as otherwise directed by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) or the Chief
Examiner in the unit and is not entitled to any deferment of that examination.

21.6 Academic Progress Supplementary assessment

21.6.1 Where a student has failed to pass a unit, the Board of Examiners shall
permit the student to sit for supplementary assessment in that unit, provided: the unit is a specified compulsory unit for the degree of Bachelor of
Laws and is a prerequisite or corequisite for one or more other
compulsory or quasi-compulsory units ; the student obtained a final mark of not less than 45% in that unit; in the opinion of the Board of Examiners, the student's academic
progress in the course would be impaired in the following year if the student
does not pass the unit in the teaching period in which the fail result was
recorded; and the student has not previously sat for supplementary assessment in a
unit undertaken as part of the Bachelor of Laws degree course.

21.7 Final Unit Supplementary Assessment

21.7.1 Where a student has failed a unit in the final semester of the student's course
and satisfies the requirements of sections 5.2, 5.2.1, 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 of the regulations,
then, subject to subsections 5.3 and 5.6, the student shall upon application to the
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) within fourteen days of the publication of the
results in that unit be permitted to sit a supplementary assessment in that unit.

21.8 Assessment in anticipation of the grant of final unit supplementary assessment

21.7.2 The Board of Examiners is authorised to determine under regulation
6.6 whether there are exceptional circumstances by reason of which a
student may be granted more than 2 supplementary assessments in the
student's course.
21.7.3 In making a decision under regulation 5.6 and resolution 21.7.2, the
Board of Examiners may take into account the following considerations: whether the student has previously been granted supplementary
assessment in a law unit or units offered by the faculty; whether the student would, if refused a final unit supplementary
assessment, suffer significant hardship such as inability to complete the
course in time to take up an actual offer of graduate traineeship or
21.7.3. 3 whether the student would, apart from the effect of regulation 5.6, be
eligible for the grant of a supplementary assessment for the unit.

21.8.1 A student who: in the final 12 months of the student's course fails a specified
compulsory or quasi-compulsory unit (‘the failed unit') with a result of not less
than 45%; is unable to repeat the failed unit before the student would
otherwise expect to complete the course because it is not offered by the
faculty; will, if the student passes all other units for which the student is
enrolled, complete within the following 12 months all academic requirements
for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Laws except only for the failed unit
shall upon application to the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) within
fourteen days of the publication of the results in the unit be permitted to
present for examination in the failed unit in the next special and
supplementary examination period or to complete other supplementary
assessment; notwithstanding that the Board of Examiners has not determined
to grant a supplementary assessment.

21.8.2 Where a student has been permitted to undertake supplementary
assessment in accordance with resolution 21.8.1; and when determining the student's results in what would otherwise be
the student's final teaching period, the Board of Examiners determines to
grant a supplementary assessment for the failed unit under regulation 5.2;
the supplementary assessment for the failed unit will consist of the
supplementary assessment which the student was permitted to undertake
under resolution 21.8.1, whether the student actually undertook that
assessment or not, and the student shall not be entitled to any other
supplementary assessment in the failed unit.
21.8.3 Where a student has not been granted a supplementary assessment
by the Board of Examiners in accordance with resolution 21.7.1, the mark and
grade for the assessment which the student was permitted to complete under
resolution 21.8.1 is null and void.