Benchmarking information

The Faculty has approved grade distribution guidelines (PDF, 0.16 MB) for the Undergraduate Board of Examiners, to benchmark the distribution of marks and grades in units against relevant data. The purpose is to promote consistency across units and different cohorts of students. The benchmarks used by the Faculty are the most recently available five-year rolling-average of university grade distributions for the grades: High Distinction, Distinction and Credit.

The relevant benchmarks for the 2016 teaching calendar are:

  • High Distinction 18%
  • Distinction 30%
  • Credit 27%

Where the distribution of marks within a unit falls outside the relevant faculty guidelines, the Chief Examiner must provide to the Board of Examiners, together with the recommended marks, an explanation for the variance.

The size of enrolment and selectivity of the student cohort are taken into account in applying the guidelines. They are not applied to units or to units to which students are admitted selectively based on academic merit, such as the Honours Research unit and  the Jessup Moot.

Where the Board of Examiners deems it necessary to ensure consistency of outcomes and grade distributions across units and cohorts, marks are scaled by use of a method approved by the Board.  Chief Examiners retain discretion as to the marks they recommend for approval by the Undergraduate Board of Examiners.

Version date: 10 August 2016