Monash Law Honours

Depending on the results you achieve, you may be eligible to graduate from your undergraduate degree with Honours.

We recently changed the way we calculate Honours to more clearly communicate the relative achievement of each grade, and to make it easier to compare amongst LLB graduates across different completion years.

How it works

We now index grades to a percentile, as outlined below. Around half of all students graduate with honours.

Honours grade Student percentile
HI 90th percentile (top 10% of their year cohort)
HIIA 75th percentile (top 25% of their year cohort)
HIIB 60th percentile (top 40% of their year cohort)
HIII 50th percentile (top 50% of their year cohort)

For students who graduated before 2016, we used a different system, which is explained here.

Honours Research Unit

Many of our top students elect to enrol in the Honours Research Unit as part of their final full year.

You'll write an 8,000-10,000 word thesis on a topic you choose (and that’s approved by us), under the supervision of an academic member of staff.

It’s a great way to extend yourself and learn in-depth about a particular area of law that interests you. Not surprisingly, many students find it gives them a head-start in the job market too.

To be eligible you’ll need to have both:

  • An average of 72% or more across your law units at Monash, at the time you submit your application
  • No more than 72 credit points remaining for the completion of the law requirements of your degree, when you start the Honours Research Unit

Applying for the Honours Research Unit

Applications close on 30 November 2016 and we’ll let successful applicants know in December. If you’re chosen, you’ll be asked to submit a research proposal to the Director of the Honours Program.

Download the application form.

Got a question?

Please get in touch with:

Jayne Champion
Student Services
First floor, Faculty of Law
Phone: + 61 3 9905 3356


Professor Graeme Hodge
Convenor, Honours Program 2015
Phone: +61 3 9905 3336