Supreme Court Prize Winners

The Supreme Court Prize was established in 1864, originally awarded to the top law student at the University of Melbourne. In 1968, it was expanded to include the top scoring students at Monash University. Since this time it has continued to expand and now includes all Victorian universities offering a law degree.

The Supreme Court prize is the most prestigious academic prize for students graduating in law. The winners are announced by the Supreme Court at an intimate ceremony in the year following the academic year of the students' outstanding achievement.

Academic YearWinner
2022Catherine Zhou
2021Harrison Jones
2020Anna Wotherspoon
2019Antonia Glover
2018Rose Smith
2017Alexandra Kvant
2016 James Campbell
2015Nathan Van Wees
2014 Brooke Smith
2013 Eleanor Mulholland
2012 Kelly Goodwin
2011 Kelly Ruffin
2010 Marianna Parry
2009 Matthew Eglezos
2008 Natalia Blecher
2007 Jonathan Mackie
2006 Vidal Vanhoof
2005 Patrick Ky
2004 Sandra Draganich
2003 Jeremy Leibler, Ronli Sifris
2002 Kim Little
2001 Premala Thiagarajan
2000 Jennifer Acton
1999 Jamie Walvisch
1998 Oren Bigos
1997 Lisa Nichols
1996 Marae Ciantar
1995 Marnie Hammond
1994 Lynne Thompson
1993 Phoebe Dunn
1992 Jonathon Moore
1991 Anthony Leibler
1990 Heather Luntz, Sandra Caspi
1989 Andrew Palmer
1988 Kristine Hanscombe
1987 Annette Rubenstein
1986 Bruce Dyer, Debra Mortimer
1985 Ann Shorten
1984 Warwick Rothnie
1983 Glenys Fraser
1982 Mary Ferguson
1981 Wendy Peter
1980 Peter Power
1979 Geoffrey McArthur
1978 Adele Byrne
1977 Jack Hammond
1976 Andrew Marks
1975 Bruce Moore, Gail Owen
1974 Stuart Morris
1973 Garry Sebo, Stephen Kaye
1972 Andrew Barrie
1971 Edward Wallace
1970 Christopher Jessup, Mark Weinberg
1969 Kevin  Pose
1968 Mark Aronson, Charles Williams